SUDA FG series Big Cover Sheet Metal 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

FG series big cover sheet metal 3000W fiber laser cutting machine adopt industrial heavy-duty steel structure design, plate steel joint with square tube steel, one step molding by 5 axis CNC machine centers, suffer lower temperature tempering and annealing, not deforming after long time using, machine rigidity, strength and stability can be assured.

1.Heavy-duty industrial steel structure, low resonance, high-speed running, more stable in operation.

2.High power servo motor, faster running speed is ensured.

3.Automatic focusing cutting head, thick plate perforation and cutting more perfect.adopt intelligent gas set device, more convenient for processing.

4.More professional industrial control system with more functions

1. Adopt industrial heavy duty steel structure, plate steel joint welding with square pipe steel, under heat treatment, will not deform after long time using.

2. Adopt NC pentahedron machining, milling, boring, tapping and other machining processes to ensure high processing accuracy.

3. Configure with Japan THK linear rail for all axis, to ensure durable and high precision for long time processing.

4. XY axis configure with high accuracy grinding type gear rack, Japan Shimpo reducer, high speed and precision can be ensured, Z axis are transmitting by high accuracy rolling ball screw.

5. Adopt France Schneider AC servo system, larger power, stronger torque force, working speed is more stable and faster.

6. Adopt Japan SMC intelligent gas group, dual gas control, automatic adjustment for gas type and gas software.

7. Adopt professional WSX, Raytools laser cutting head, imported optical lens, focus spot smaller, cutting lines more precise, higher efficiency and better processing quality can be ensured.

8. Configure with non-contact auto follow function, ensure the best focal length and cutting effect.

Fiber laser transmitting, flexible processing, realized high accuracy cutting on every point.

9. Professional laser cutting CNC controlling system, connected with computer, simple operation.

10. Configure professional industrial chiller with double temperature control molds, high cooling efficiency and high transferring ratio of laser.

11. Compatible with multiple software, can design ant graphic and letters as you like, operating simple, flexible and easy.




Laser media

Fiber laser



Wave Length


Min. Route Width


Reposition Accuracy

+- 0.05mm

Working size


Voltage requirement


Cutting thickness

Depending on the material

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