SUDA FG Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Rotary Device

FG series high precision optical fiber laser machine is most suitable for industrial use,1530 size. This type with rotary device,can process metal tube,round and square tube.

1.Industrialized welded machine structure,milled bu high accuracy planning machine.

2.Equipped with Japan THK linear rail.

3.Japan France Schneider servo system , the torque force is stronger ,the working speed more faster and stable.

4.Configured with inductive WSX cutting head to reach as much smaller focus spot as.

5.Adopt CYPCUT2000 control system, can optional WeiHong NC studio control system.

1. Adopt industrial heavy duty steel structure, plate steel joint welding with square pipe steel, under heat treatment, will not deform after long time using.

2. Adopt NC pentahedron machining, milling, boring, tapping and other machining processes to ensure high processing accuracy.

3. Configure with Japan THK linear rail for all axis, to ensure durable and high precision for long time processing.

4. X, Y axis configure with high accuracy grinding type gear rack, Japan Shimpo reducer, high speed and precision can be ensured, Z axis are transmitting by high accuracy rolling ball screw.

5. Adopt France Schneider AC servo system for all axis, larger power, close-cycle control, high precision positioning, stronger torque force, dynamic corresponding time is shorter, and the overload resistance ability is strong.

6. Adopt industrial optical fiber cutting system CYPCUT, easy to install, maintenance and cam module based on autocad kernel development, built-in process, ensure high-quality cutting effect.

7. Adopt professional WSX, Raytools laser cutting head, imported optical lens, focus spot smaller, cutting lines more precise, higher efficiency and better processing quality can be ensured.

8. Dual air path control, equipped with Japan SMC intelligent gas unit, automatic pressure regulation, air exchange, pressure detection, more simple to use.

9. Fiber laser transmitting, flexible processing, realized high accuracy cutting on every point.

10. Compatible with multiple software, can design ant graphic and letters as you like, operating simple, flexible and easy.

working size(X&Y)(MM)
Laser medium
Fiber laser
Laser power
1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 10000W, 15000W(optional)
Cutting thickness
According to the material and power
Min Route Width
Repeat precision
Wave Length
Power supply


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