SUDA FV Series 2040、2060 Industrial Heavy Duty High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

SUDA FV Series 2040 Industrial Heavy Duty High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

1.Adopt industrial heavy-duty machine body withfirm structure,ensuring no deformation after long-term use, suitable for high-powered laser source operation.

2.Three axis adopts Japan THK high-precision linear square guide railto ensure smooth operation, and is equipped with automatic oil lubrication system.

3.XY axis is equipped with JapanShimpo reducer, which is faster and more stable at high speed.

4.Using CYPCUT 2000 industrial optical fiber cutting system, supporting auto focus, material exchanging platform, scanning cutting, automatic edge cutting, etc.

5.Equipped with large enclosed structure with integral fireproof steel material; having high safety level graphite platform in the processing area.

Main Configuration:

Heat Treatment Machine Bed

We have our manufacturing center, the machine structure undergoes heat treatment and gantry milling to strengthen the rigidity of the machine bed, we can guarantee the stability when the machine is running at a high speed condition, it can achieve 168m/min,

Raycus Laser Source

Raycus laser source, Our company has IPG, Raycus, Max fiber laser source in stock, The IPG laser source is relatively expensive but has good cutting effect, save cost of the electricity because its voltage is the 220V, and high energy conversion rate,

Raycus laser source is also better which is made in China and the price is relatively cheaper than IPG, But also has better efficiency in cutting materials.

The Max laser source is the economic one among them. If your budget is limited, it is also a good option.

Cypcut Control System

We adopt CYPCUT2000 control system for 2KW Fiber laser machine,

CYPCUT2000 can support 3000W fiber laser machine, if you need to upgrade your machine to 3kw, you don’t need to replace your control system to another one and the our servo motor of this machine also can support 3kw fiber laser machine.  


Raytools BM115 Auto Focus Cutting Head

We adopt Raytools BM115 automatic focus cutting head for the high power fiber laser machine which has high speed of the perforation, and the materials is not easy to heat,

We also have WSX automatic focus cutting head which is optional in stock

If you need the best automatic focus cutting head the Germany Precitec, we also provide for youm but its cutting head is expensive and has high cost after-sale maintenance,

Japan THK linear Rail

Our fiber laser machines adopts Japan THK linear rail,

This brand is the best in this filed, from the feedback of our customers who has bought our fiber laser machines, This block can use over 10 years and not break.

The usage lifespan and the product quality definitely can be ensured

Japan Shimpo Reducer

Our fiber laser machine adopts the Shimpo 1:10 Servo Reducer from Japan with low noise when the machine is processing the metal materials,After many refinements,it has small size in installation but high precision function.

S&A Chiller

Focus on the research and development of industrial cold machine, independent research and development of core parts strictly implement ISO production management system, With excellent quality and leading research strength, S &A has become a leding enterprise in the domestic industrial refrigeration industry, May some factories uses Tongfei Chiller, but the quality is not as good as S & A Chiller

Working area
Transmitting way
XY axis transmitting by Korea grinding rack with Shimpo flange reducer, Z axis transmitting by grinding rolling ball screw
Laser power
3000W/400W/6000W/8000W/10000W/12000W/15000W/25000W (Optional)
Laser source
Raycus, MAX, IPG, GW (optional)
Cooling way
Dual temperature dual control industrial chille
Cover structure
All covered with anti-fire material
Exchange table
Exchange by chain, frequency conversion drive
Power supply

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