Smart Manufacturing Energizing Partner Create a first-class intelligent equipment CNC brand 2018 SUDA Core Partner Mid-year Seminar Successfully Held in Qingdao

Qingdao in summer is the most worthwhile to go. Facing the blue sea, it always gives people a new feeling.

On August 5, 2018, Tongxing SUDA held a mid-year seminar for core partners. "New technologies, new products, new ideas, new markets" is the core of this seminar. The meeting was attended by the SUDA Partners who came from all over the country. The purpose of the seminar is to promote industry exchanges and share the latest developments in the industry.




Speakers of the event to the theory and practice of combining the way, in simple terms analyzed the new technology of intelligent equipment industry, meaning new markets for production and operation and how to apply, etc. in the actual operation of compelling content, win the audience at field Applause. Participants said that through this exchange, they not only enhanced their understanding of smart manufacturing, but also further enhanced their understanding of the new kinetics brought about by intelligent manufacturing. On future market confidence.