SUDA AG6000 Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Pipe

AG6000,only cutting for metal round and square pipe.

The length of rotary device is 6 meters,The ranger of diameter are 10-220MM,

5 servos:X:1KW; Y:axis 3KW, Z 750W,W axis (rotation axis): 2KW / 3KW

Raycus Laser source,NC30B cutting head (within 2KW)

Cypcut 3000 Control System

Optional: 12 meters long, no tailing processing, three chucks, swing head, etc .

Main Part

Main structure
Adopt industrial heavy duty steel structure, undergoes numerical control high-temperature heat treatment, to ensure long-term use of no deformation, suitable for high-power laser operation

Milling machine
Adopt NC pentahedron machining, milling, boring, tapping and other machining processes to improves assembly precision of the machine tool and ensure running precision and stability of equipment

Japan THK Linear rail
Configure with Japan THK high-precision liner rail for all axis, running smoothly, wear-resistant and dust-proof, and equipped with automatic oil supply
XY axis configured with Korea LEADRACK high accuracy grinding type gear rack, Z axis are transmitting by high accuracy rolling ball screw, equipment precision is higher

Adopt Shanghai CYPCUT 3000S series professional pipe cutting system to support cycle processing, high precision of software operation

France Schneider System
Four-axis adopts France Schneider AC servo drive system, X-axis 1KW, Y-axis 3KW, Z-axis 750W, W-axis (front chuck 2KW, back chuck 3KW)

AG 6000
Machine structure 
Heavy duty
Processing Material
Any kinds of tubes
Transmitting way
XY Axis Using Korea Grinding Rack,Japan Shimpo Reducer,Z Axis Using Rolling Ball Screw
Linear rail
THK linear rail from Japan
Running speed
XY axis 120m/min,z axis 60m/min, pneumatic chuck rounding speed 125rpm/min
Laser Power
Pipe Diameter Range
Pipe Length
Control system
Shanghai CYPCUT3000
Japan Shimpo
Cooling Way
Double Temperature Double Control Industrial Chiller

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