SUDA SK Series High Performance Processing Engraving Machine cnc router

SK1325 series has strong function with good performance, easy to use, solid and durable. It is applied extensively in wood, advertising, PVC, acrylic, aluminum plastic plate, etc.We can customize the color, size of the machine, 1530/2030/2040.

  1. 1.Adopt Chuangwei steeper motor.and 3KW water cooling spindle,CCD camera.

2.X,Y axis transmitting by gear and rack,Z axis transmitting byrolling ball screw.

3.Equipped with Taiwan linear rail.

4.Control system is SUDA NC stadio system and CCD control system.

5.With vacuum table and a 7.5KW Vacuum pump.

1. Adopt heavy duty machine frame, forming by CNC planer-type milling machine, stronger, stability.

2. High-accuracy Taiwan linear rail, high accuracy helical gear rack transmitting, more stable, higher precision.
3. Enlarged supporting frame, ensure transmission stability.
4. Configured advanced DSP controller or online NC control system.
5. Independent power supply, quick calculation, strong anti-interference performance. Own more powerful application performance.
6. Standard 8GB memory capacity, support transmitting file from USB flash disk directly, multiple files can be saved simultaneously, processing any file as you like.
7. Has power off restoration, continue processing at break point, auto tool height adjusting device, repeat processing, support 9 coordinates setting, user friendly design.
8. Be compatible with many CAD/CAM software like TYPE3/Artcam/Casmate/Proe/UG/Artgrave etc.
9. Independent control cabinet, stronger power and weak power separate, maintenance easily.






configure with Taiwan LAPPING Linear Rail

Package size

3180*1980*1800mm;Gross Weight :1280KGS

X,Y working area

1300x2500mm,Machine transmitting by rack and gear

Z working area


Max. speeding



Standard with wide and hard aluminum table with high quality clamps (vacuum system with 7.5KW vacuum pump is optional)


Adopt the most advanced FPGA LCM controlling system

Spindle motor power

3KW water cooling spindle motor

Surroundings for software


Power(spindle is not included)


Working voltage

AC220V/50HZ/60Hz for standard machine, if optional vacuum system or servo system, it need 380V 3 phase

Main axis rotating speed


Work Mode

Large Stepper motors and drivers ;Servo (Optional)

Control mode

Handle control

Engraving tools & collets

3.175mm;6mm;12.7mm;(sending you 10 pcs with the machine ). 2 collets standard with the machine


new version type3 software:Router 8


One year without the tools 


Dust collector; Servo system,Vacuum system

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