SUDA EC1325-E5 Series Multistage CNC Engraver Heavy Duty Structure With CCD Camera

E5 series has strong function with good performance, easy to use, solid and durable. It is applied extensively in wood, advertising, PVC, acrylic, aluminum plastic plate, etc.

1.Adopt heavy duty structure,CNC machinery center processing and forming,high strength and good stability;

2.Standard configured with 220V 3KW high speed water cooling spindle motor,high power high efficiency;

3.Standard with industrial matrix vacuum system;

4.Configure with manual oil lubrication system. Equipment maintenance is more convenient and quick.

Name: Linear rail

Brand: THK


High accuracy helical gear rack transmitting,more stability,higher precision

Name: Spindle Motor
Original: : China
Standard with 3KW/220V high speed water cooling spindle, high efficient.

Brand: SUDA
Original: China
Advanced FPGA colored LCM or no line special controlling system,

independent power supply,quick calculation,strong anti-interference performance.

Own more powerful application performance.

Name:  Hybrid Servo System
Brand: Leadshine
Original: China
To ensure the transmission strong and efficient.

Name:Oil Lubrication
Original: China
Configured with manual control oil spray system and oil lubrication system.

Extend lifespan of the cnc router machine.

Aparts Name



Configure with THK Linear Rail

Package Size

3.2m×2.2m×1.75m;Gross Weight :1300KGS

X,Y Working Area

1300x2500mm,machine transmitting by rack and gear

Z Working Area

150mm-200mm Z axis by rolling ball screw

Working Table

Vacuum Table 

Max. Speeding



Adopt the most advanced FPGA NC controlling system

Oil Supply System

Oil Lubrication System

Spindle Motor Power

3KW water cooling spindle motor

Working Voltage


Main Axis Rotating Speed


Control cabinet

Independent computer control cabinet

Engraving Tools & Collets

3.175mm;6mm;12.7mm;(sending you 10 pcs with the machine ). 2 collets standard with the machine


New version type3 software:Router 8


One year without the tools 

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