SUDA MC Series A7s High Precision Gantry Moving ATC CNC Milling Machine Center

1.Heavy duty machine structure with heat treatment and 6 zone matrix vacuum table with one 7.5kw vacuum pump.

2.France Schneider/Delta servo motor and Japan THK linear rail.

3.7.5kw water cooling spindle and 4pcs linear ATC.Standard with oil lubrication,Oil spray system,S&A chiller.Full dust cover.

4.X,Y axis transmitting by gear and rack,Z axis is rolling ball screw transmitting,gantry moving.

8.SUDA  ATC handle control system and standard with oil lubrication,oil spray system,S&A chiller.

  1. 1.adopt industrial heavy-duty structure design, combined with the finite element method calculation, annealing and destressing strictly according to process requirements, thus to ensure the strength and rigidity of the machine body.
    2. Stanard with independent 6 zone matrix vacuum table with high strength. optimized partition management, suitable for different size processing.
    3. Adopt gantry transmission structure, to ensure fast speed and high efficiency.
    4. Adopt Japan THK high precision linear rail with lubrication system, more wearable.
    5. Configuration with France Schneider servo motor, to ensure the transmission stronger and noise lower.
    6. Independent control cabinet, sparation of strong electricity and weak electricity to make the maintenance more convenient.

  2. Name:Chiller
    Country: China
    Brand: S&A
    Advantage: Cool the tool and the machine as a whole to extend the life of the machine
    Name:Control system
    Country: China
    Brand: SUDA ATC hand held control system
    Advantage: Hand held control system, support
    auto-tool change.
    Name: Servo system
    Brand: Schneider
    Advantages:The servo system is very stable and accuracy, it will supply the best after sales servic
  3. Name: Linear rail
    Country: Japan
    Brand: THK
    Advantages: The price is three times of Taiwan's
    Lapping rail, the life also is more than three times.
    Low noise, direct After service from THK company.
    4 pcs tools ATC
    Advantages:More convenient and efficientto change tools.
    Name:Spindle motor
    Country: China
    Brand: LINNAN
    Advantages: 7.5KW water cooling spindle motor, it can up to 24000rpm, it has higher speed and lower noise than air cooling spindle

Aparts Name




Table size


Transmitting way

X, Y axis adopt high precision grinding gear rack transmission, and equipped with Japan Shimpo reducer.Z axis configured with high precision grinding rolling ball screw.

Linear rail

THK linear rail from Japan

Max running speed


Repeat precision


Auto feeding device

Equipped with auto surface detector

Spindle motor

7.5KW water cooling spindle

Working table

Matrix Vacuum table

Driver system

France Schneider AC servo system


Japan Shimpo


Taiwan TECO


New version router 8

Engraving Tools & Collets

3.175mm;6mm;12.7mm;(sending you 10 pcs with the machine ). 2 collets standard with the machine


New version type3 software:Router 8


One year without the tools 

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