SUDA MC1325-G7 CNC Router with CCD and oscillating knife

The features of E7 are strong, easy to use, durable, reliable performance, widely used in high efficiency production of various advertising signs, KT boards, PVC, acrylic, aluminum-plastic board and other materials cutting and automatic CNC edge-patrolling soft material cutting. 

Main features:

1. Adopt industrial heavy-duty structure design, thus to ensure the strength and forming high strength and good stability 

2. Equipped THK linear rail with high accuracy helical rack and gear transmitting, more stable and precision 

3. More strong cast iron stand to keep the machine working more stable 

4. More advanced handheld professional CCD control system Oscillating control system, quickly calculation, strong anti-interference ability

5. Equipped with industrial camera, the probe is clear, high positioning precision 

6. Restart from power off, Auto feeding, repeating functions, can support the 9 coordinate system positioning, real humanized design 

7. Be compatible with many CAD/CAM software like TYPE3/ARTCAM/CASNATE/PROE;/UG/ARTGRAVE ETC 

8. Independent computer control cabinet m strong and weak electrical separation, more convenient maintenance 

9. Standard configured 380V 5.5KW air cooling spindle motor, high power, high efficiency 

10. Be compatible with many CAD/CAM software like Type3/ Artcam/ Casmate/ Proe/UG/ Artgrave etc 

11. Independent control cabinet, stronger power and weak power separate, maintenance easily.

12. Standard with industrial matrix vacuum system 

13. Configured with manual oil lubrication system, equipment maintenance is more convenient and quick.





Machine Structure

Heavy duty machine structure with heat treatment

Table size


Z axis travel


Transmitting way

X, Y axis adopt high precision grinding gear rack transmission, Z axis configured with high precision grinding rolling ball screw.

Linear rail

THK linear rail from Japan

Max running speed


Repeat precision


Spindle motor

5.5KW water cooling spindle

Auto feeding device

equipped with an auto surface detector

Working table

Matrix Vacuum table

Driver system

France Schneider AC servo system

Control system

SUDA professional NC control system


Japan Shimpo


Holip TECO




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