SUDA S8-2513 Table Moving High Precision CNC Router With CCD And Oscillating Knife

This series of products are more focused on high precision processing model, suitable for advertising, electronics, woodworking, furniture, aluminum alloy products high gloss processing.

Main features:

1.       Professional industrial control full-function system, vibration knife cutting, high-light mini words, cutting edge cutting 3 in 1, powerful, easy to operate.

2.        Industrial heavy-duty steel structure design, annealing stress removal, and numerical control high-precision pentahedron machining center once processing to ensure the optimal strength and rigidity of the fuselage.

3.       Adopt column frame gantry, table moving transmission mode, more stable equipment, less vibration.

4.       Standard with professional matrix vacuum adsorption platform, large bearing capacity, optimized zonal management, suitable for all kinds of workpiece processing.

5.       Japan THK high precision linear rail, theoretical life of more than 10 years, equipped with lubrication system, more wear-resistant.

6.       Taiwan original high precision ball wire rod is used in the triaxial system, and the precision is higher.

7.       X, Y adopt full dustproof design, Z shaft is equipped with main shaft safety protection cover.

8.       Adopt the Japan big torque YASKAWA servo system.

9.       Independent industrial control cabinet, strong and weak power separation, maintenance more convenient.

10.   Adopt 7.5kw water cooling high speed automatic change tool spindle, row knife 4 ( customized hgih precision knife handle, cutting machine precision)





Linear Rail

Configure with Japan THK linear rail 25mm width

Package size

3460x2280x2080mm, Weight :2800KGS

X,Y working area

2500x1300mm,   machine transmitting by rolling ball screw,   high precision.

Z working area

170mm, Z axis with high precision grinding rolling ball screw.

Max. Moving   speeding



Standard with independent 4 zone matrix vacuum table with high strength

Control system

NC   control system, CCD control system, Oscillating knife control system, 3   in 1

Spindle motor   power

7.5KW water cooling high speed auto tool change spindle motor

Surroundings for   software


Working voltage

AC   380V/50Hz-60Hz (Standard)

Main axis   rotating speed


Work Mode

Japan Yaskawa AC   servo motors and drivers, and SUNFUN inverter, speed control uniform and   cutting edge smooth.

Machine structure

Adopt industrial   heavy-duty structure under heat treatment

Dust cover

XY axis adopt   totally closed dust cover design, Z axis with spindle protection cover

ATC tools

Standard with 4   pcs of linear type ATC tools and 4 tool shanks


New version   Ucancam, type3


One year without   the tools

Optional device

Dust collection   system

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